Jeffrey Nakano, MD

Jeffrey Nakano, MD grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and attended Georgia Tech as an architecture major for three years before realizing that he lacked the artistic creativity that is required to be successful in that vocation. He decided to attend Emory Medical School instead and that turned out to be the right choice, because he found the two loves of my life: my wife and orthopedic surgery. He met Sherry on the wards of Grady Memorial Hospital when she was a pediatric intern, and they were engaged 4 months after we started dating. They moved to Grand Junction, CO when they finished their Emory residencies, and then went on to retire from their private practices 36 years later. However, Dr. Nakano still works at the Grand Junction Veterans Hospital part-time performing total joints surgeries. He can’t imagine a better way to wind down a career, and finds it an honor to serve the veteran population of Western Colorado.

Sherry and and Jeff have three children. Their oldest son is an individual with special needs who loves the Diamondbacks. Their second son is a neurologist who just completed a movement disorder fellowship at Georgetown, and he has his first real job working for Sutter Health in Sacramento, CA. Their third child is a daughter who is trained as a pediatrician, but currently is a stay-at-home mom in Davis, CA. Between their two children and their spouses Jeff and Sherry have four grandchildren, all under the age of five.

Jeffrey has a 1988 Kubota diesel tractor that somehow keeps it running with his limited mechanical skills. He also has a 1959 Corvette that he has owned since 1976, and it has spent the last 39 years of it’s life being “restored” and basically undriveable. Currently it has been in a shop in Delta, CO for 4 years and in the not too distant future every nut and bolt on that car will have been replaced, and Sherry and Jeff will drive down some tree-lined street with the top down – just like when they first met.

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