Board of Directors

Colorado Orthopaedic Society President, Gary Ghiselli, MD

To learn more about all of our Board of Directors members, please click on their photo!

Photo of Raj Bazaz MD Raj Bazaz, MD
Photo of Robert Benz MD Robert Benz, MD
Photo of Mike Bergerson, MHA Mike Bergerson, MHA
Photo of Ted Clarke MD Ted Clarke, MD
Photo of Mark Conklin MD Mark Conklin, MD
Photo of Kent Doan MD Kent Doan, MD
Photo of John Froelich MD John Froelich, MD
Photo of Kim Furry MD Kim Furry, MD
Photo of Gary Ghiselli MD Gary Ghiselli, MD
Photo of Michael Huang MD Michael Huang, MD
Photo of Davis Hurley MD Davis Hurley, MD
Photo of Daniel Moon MD Daniel Moon, MD
Photo of Jeff Nakano MD Jeff Nakano, MD
Photo of Ted Stringer MD Ted Stringer, MD
Photo of Nolan Wessell MD Nolan Wessell, MD

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